Flea control developed with your cat in mind

Cheristin® for cats (spinetoram) has been rigorously tested and approved by the EPA and other regulatory authorities around the world.

Pet safety is our top priority

Elanco takes the safety of our products very seriously, and the health of your pet is always our top priority. We conduct continuous, ongoing monitoring of Cheristin to determine if there are any signals or trends in the data, or any increases in frequency of certain types of reports.

Protecting your cat

Pets need year-round protection from the threat of fleas. To best protect your cat, talk with your veterinarian about the effective flea control of Cheristin. It's specifically designed for all cats and kittens 8 weeks of age and older that weigh 1.8 pounds or greater.

Adverse events

Potential side effects and events1 reported for Cheristin include:

  • Transient and mild changes such as redness, inflammation and itching at the application site the day after administration
  • Visible moisture at the application site
  • Hair change (greasy, clumping and matting) at the application site
  • Residue at the application site
  • Other side effects such as inactivity, vomiting and inappetence have also been reported
  • No evidence of application site changes three days after administration1

View the Cheristin product label for more safety information.