An effective flea treatment for cats

Cheristin® for cats (spinetoram) provides long-lasting flea control to protect your cats all year long. Formulated specifically for cats and kittens 8 weeks of age and older that weigh 1.8 pounds or greater, Cheristin topical flea control starts killing fleas fast—within 30 minutes—and in a controlled study, Cheristin killed 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours.1

Simple to use and dependably long-lasting, Cheristin provides flea protection for an entire month.

A novel molecule

Cheristin protects your cat from fleas with a novel molecule called spinetoram. Spinetoram is derived from spinosad, a fermentation product found occurring naturally in bacteria in the soil. This fermentation product has proven to be a powerful insect control molecule and has been widely used to treat insect infestations in agriculture, livestock, dogs, cats and people.2,3,5

As Cheristin's active ingredient, spinetoram kills fleas before they lay eggs. This novel molecule is toxic to the flea's nervous system, but has low toxicity to mammals and other non-target organisms.6 Spinetoram is proven to be potent, to begin working fast and to have a long duration of activity.1

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Green chemistry

The active ingredient in Cheristin is spinetoram, registered for use on a variety of fruits and tree nuts. The introduction of spinetoram for use in agriculture resulted in the receipt of a Presidential Green Chemistry Award4 in 2008. The award was presented to Dow AgroSciences LLC. In the context of agricultural use, spinetoram has a lower environmental impact than do many current insecticides because both its use rate and toxicity to non-target species are low.

Talk to your veterinarian

When it comes to the health of your cat, nothing compares to professional advice and care from your veterinarian. Cheristin prides itself on providing an effective and comprehensive treatment for fleas and can be purchased at authorized retailers based on a recommendation from your veterinarian.

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